Import and export freight trains

Freight is more than 60% cheaper than air freight, and the timeliness is double that of sea freight
The China-Europe freight train has a stable running time and sufficient storage space to avoid the risk of out-of-stock
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What are the business of import and export trains?

What are the business of import and export trains?

Nova has maintained close cooperation with China-Europe train platforms such as Yixinou, Qilu, Changan and Yuxinou for many years.

Customized trains: point-to-point China-Europe trains are opened according to the needs of customers.  

Export trains: provide public train services, China-Europe, China-Russia, China-Central Asia routes.  

Timber trains: Nova Supply Chain is the main organizer of the China-Europe timber trains. It will open 300+ imported timber trains in 2021 and has a complete service network in Europe and Russia.  

Food train: imported Russian purple sugar train, fixed 4 candy trains every month.

Business model of import and export trains

  • Import and export trains


    Sent from the shipper's warehouse or factory warehouse to the container freight station where the unloading is
  • Import and export trains

    station to station

    From a container freight station at the origin or loading port to a container freight station at the destination or unloading port
  • Import and export trains


    The carrier picks up the whole container at the shipper's factory or warehouse, and is responsible for delivering the whole container to the consignee's factory or warehouse.

Advantages of Nova import and export trains

  • Customized imported trains

    Customized imported trains

    NOVA imports 300+ trains every year, with an average of one imported train every day  

    Mainly custom-made trains mainly based on Russian wood and candy

  • Stable departure plan

    Stable departure plan

    NOVA signed strategic cooperation agreements with major China-Europe and China-Russia railway agency platforms  

    There is a fixed monthly departure plan for package trains, and the departure time is guaranteed


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