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What is the container leasing business?

What is the container leasing business?

The commercial activity of shipping and transporting goods in bulk in containers

Container leasing refers to a leasing method in which a container leasing company and a lessee, generally a shipping liner company, a railway, a road transportation company, etc., sign an agreement to lease the container to the lessee in a long-term or short-term manner. During the execution of the agreement, the box is managed and used by the lessee, and the lessee is responsible for maintaining the box to ensure that it is not lost. After the expiry of the agreement, the lessee will return the boxes to the storage yard designated by the leasing company. The yard shall repair the damaged box according to the technical standards stipulated in the agreement, and the repair cost shall be borne by the lessee. According to the agreement, the lessee shall pay the container rental company the fee for returning the container and the rent.

Container Leasing Business Model

  • Operation management of containers

    Periodic Rental Box Payment

    There are two types of time leases for containers: long-term leases and short-term leases. Long-term leases generally refer to a longer lease period, while short-term leases lease containers according to the required period of use, and the time is relativ
  • Operation management of containers

    The voyage leasing of containers includes two ways: one-way leasing and round-trip leasing. Among them, one-way leasing is mostly used for unbalanced round-trip cargo sources on the same route, that is, one-way use of containers from the port of departure
  • Operation management of containers

    The flexible leasing method of containers is similar to long-term leasing in terms of cost and similar to short-term leasing in use, and can be used flexibly. The lease term is usually one year. In the case of large container freight volume, many operatin

Nova container operation business introduction

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    Rich business experience

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