Overseas warehouse supply

Overseas warehouse returns for bid replacement: repair, refurbishment, temporary storage, return to the country and destruction of comprehensive services in designated areas of overseas warehouse conversion
Overseas warehouse one delegate: own overseas warehouse system, full-time real-time tracking, 24 hours a day delivery
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What is the overseas warehouse
Overseas warehousing is one of NOVANova's basic businesses and is a personalized service for cross-border e-commerce vendors to replenish their goods

What is the overseas warehouse

Overseas warehouse mode means that cross-border e-commerce enterprises export commodities in batches to warehouses abroad according to the general trade methods

Warehouses established in countries other than the home region are generally used for e-commerce. The goods exported from the country are stored in the warehouse of the country by sea, freight and air. The buyer places an online order to buy the required items, and the seller only needs to operate online and issue instructions to the overseas warehouse to complete the order fulfillment. Set up a warehouse at the overseas destination port, concentrate the goods in the warehouse, distribute the goods according to the demand, and reduce the logistics cost.

Overseas warehouse business mo

At present, there are three situations in the market for overseas warehouses:
  • Overseas warehouse supply

    Self-built overseas warehouse

    Self-built warehouses refer to a series of issues such as overseas establishment of companies, warehouses, customs clearance, tax declaration, logistics and distribution.
  • Overseas warehouse supply

    Third-party overseas warehouse

    There are two ways of cooperation between cross-border e-commerce sellers and third-party "overseas warehouses": leasing and cooperative construction.
  • Overseas warehouse supply

    Amazon FBA overseas warehouse

    As the world's largest online retailer, Amazon's largest warehouse in the United States is the size of 28 football fields.

Nova Overseas Warehouse Advant

Nova Overseas Warehouse has its own overseas warehousing and order execution center, which shortens the order cycle, improves the user experience, improves the repeat purchase rate, breaks through the bottleneck of sales and takes it to a higher level from the local or direct delivery of goods to domestic consumers.
  • More automated and efficient returns processing

    More automated and efficient returns processing

    Due to various reasons, if your customers return goods, you can directly return them to overseas warehouses, eliminating the cost of customs clearance and logistics at home and abroad, and reducing losses in various aspects such as abandoned goods.

  • More comprehensive overseas warehouse system

    More comprehensive overseas warehouse system

    Provide a high-quality system integrating product management, order management, inventory management, and distribution management, with simple operation and comprehensive services.

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