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The price is only half of that of air freight, and the timeliness is comparable to air freight
Fast customs clearance, self-tax/tax included, DPD/UPS/truck delivery
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What is European card Airlines business?

What is European card Airlines business?

A method of transporting goods from China to Europe by using large trucks as a means of transport. It is another mode of transportation after air, sea and rail

Compared with air freight, the price is much lower, and air freight in peak season is not as cost-effective as starting freight, especially during the global epidemic, the world aviation business has been greatly affected, airlines have suspended flights, and routes have been suspended, which has made the already limited air freight even worse. When the epidemic was severe, air freight exploded, and the cargo at the airport could not be seen at a glance. The unit price of air freight per ton of goods in many countries exceeded 100, and the time limit was ten days and one month. Compared with shipping, the aging is much faster and more stable. Compared with railway transportation, the aging time is faster.

Advantages of European Qantas?

  • European Trucks

    Highly targeted

    Highly targeted, able to provide corresponding supporting logistics services, information tracking services, and item shipping services
  • European Trucks

    Full GPS positioning

    Each vehicle is equipped with GPS positioning, which can track the positioning in real time;
  • European Trucks

    time stable

    Low transportation cost, low receiving price, and door-to-door service of double-clearance tax package;

Novartis European Qantas advantages

  • Adequate position

    Adequate position

    Adequate space: Central Europe Qatar Airways has ample space.  

    Stable delivery, no arranging, and no bursting.

  • Self-operated international car fleet

    Self-operated international car fleet

    In Russia and Belarus, it has its own international car fleet.

    There are branches and offices in Belarus, Russia and Poland along the Belt and Road.

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